By now you've probably heard about the delays in treatment that our veterans have been the victims of at the hands of the VA. One report that I saw said that more than 1000 veterans may have died in the last decade because of malpractice or lack of care from Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

Sadly, many of the victims of medical malpractice and their families never realized they could have filed a claim against the VA. Many people believe that the VA is immune from lawsuits because it is controlled by the government. This is not the case. Under the Federal Torts Claims Act, the Federal government can be forced to compensate victims of wrongs. Unfortunately, the time frame for making a claim under the Federal Torts Claims Act is very short, so you must prepare your claim as quickly as possible.

As everyone in our office has served in the military, the treatment of our fellow veterans is near and dear to our hearts. We stand ready to help you right the wrongs that the VA is perpetrating against veterans. Give us a call if you or someone you love has been a victim at the hands of the VA.