We talk to people all the time who have lost loved ones who believe that their loved one suffered malpractice at the hands of a doctor. They tell us what happened and we ask "was an autopsy performed?" They almost always ask "should I get one?" The answer is YES.

Why? In a medical malpractice case, we have to show that the carelessness of the doctor, nurse, or other medical professional directly caused the death of your loved one. Now, this is very hard to do because one of the common defenses that the other side always puts out is a laundry list of all the other things that were bad that caused the death.

What we have to show is that the carelessness caused the death, and that it was the one thing that did it. Without an autopsy, this is extremely hard to do because, if you’ve ever looked at a death certificate, it normally has several different reasons for death.

So if by some chance you are facing a situation where your loved one has died and you believe medical malpractice contributed to your loved one’s death, make sure to always get an autopsy. Sometimes it is the only way that the case can go forward and that justice can prevail.