Multi-car pile-ups happen more frequently that many people realize, and the complexities of this type of case can be very difficult to navigate. Each of the drivers’ insurance companies typically will try to place blame on you or one of the other people involved in the accident for their injuries. This makes it confusing to know who is truly responsible for which expenses. Because no insurance company wants to pay for another driver’s negligence, proving fault can be very difficult, but there are some things you can do to help determine who was truly at fault.

  1. Taking pictures of the accident – Taking pictures of the accident can show things such as where the cars ended up as well as weather conditions, the condition of the road, etc. These pictures can show a lot about how the accident occurred and this will help you with your claim.

  1. Writing down what happened during the accident – Writing down what happened during the accident as soon as it happened can help you determine what happened. Typically, you may not be questioned about the accident by an insurance company or an attorney for days or even weeks. In that meantime, a lot of the details can become a little fuzzy. So to help you remember those details, write down as much as you can about the accident right after the accident occurs. Anything can help, from the speed you were going to what you saw around you.

  1. Talking to the police – At the scene of an accident, the investigating officers are trying to find out exactly what happened, and they are taking statements from everyone involved as well as maybe some witnesses who might have seen the accident as well. Talking to them and letting them know what you saw and what you experienced can help them create the most accurate report they can. Giving them your side of the story so they make sure to put it in their report also goes a long way with putting together the complete picture.

  1. Talking to an attorney – An attorney can help you navigate the complex insurance claim process. The attorneys in our office, for example, are very familiar with the insurance companies and their tactics and, for many cases, have dealt with the same adjuster on multiple cases. An attorney is also familiar with things such as contributory negligence and many of the mechanics of an accident.

At the end of the day, having as much information as possible is the key. If you have been involved in a multi-car accident, please feel free to give us a call.