People who drive while drunk put the lives of everyone who is on the road at risk. In cases where a drunk driver causes injuries to someone, sometimes the drunk driver is not the only person you could potentially collect from. Of course the driver is the person who made the decision to drink and get behind the wheel when it wasn’t safe, so you can typically collect from the driver.

Also, if the driver had been drinking at a bar or club or other place that serves alcoholic beverages, the bartender who served the drinks may also be liable for the injuries that the driver actually caused. Many times the bartender is in the best position to know if someone has had enough, and many times those bartenders knowingly serve alcohol to someone who has already had enough and then let them drive away. If a bar or bartender does this, then they may also be held accountable.

Sometimes you may not know if the person had come from a bar or bartender; however, the police investigation or an experienced attorney can in many cases find out those facts and allow you additional avenues of recovery. If you have any questions or have been injured as a result of a drunk driver, please feel free to give us a call.